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Public Engagement

PDN organises key events throughout the year to share information with its members and the University, including
  • PI lunches and PI Coffee Mornings
  • Monthly Early PI meeting
  • Welcome Coffee for Newcomers and Visitors – (last Friday of each month at 9.30 am)
We organise a number of public engagement activities throughout the year, including

If you would like to volunteer to any of these activities please email Roberto, our Communications Officer, at

In the works

Useful links

In 2019 we will aim to organise some new events and activities, including
  • Science-Art social event
  • Pop up museum exhibition, with public lectures series
  • Departmental brochure
  • Graduate student coffee mornings


The Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was set up in 2014 with the purpose of facilitating internal and external communication and to ensure all members of PDN have access to relevant information

If you would like to get involved or provide feedback about any of the communications activities of PDN, please get in touch with the Communications Committee.


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Single brain region linked to depression and anxiety, heart disease and response to treatment

Oct 26, 2020

Marmoset study published in Nature Communications finds single brain region linking depression and anxiety, heart disease, and people’s sensitivity to treatment

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If you would like to share your research story or an upcoming paper, please email Roberto Inchingolo at

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