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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Management of Visitors

FAQ for Visitors to the Department

How do I apply? First, you must contact an Academic member of staff and confirm that they are willing to act as your host. The Academic will then need to complete the online visitor form

How long does the application process take? We recommend applying at least two months in advance of your anticipated start date. It may take longer than this if you need to apply for a visa for your visit.

Do I need a visa, and what sort of visa should I apply for? Once you have been formally accepted and received a Visitor Agreement from the Department, we can offer advice on which visa you will need to apply for.

What is a Right to Work check and why do I need one? We are required by law to keep a copy of your passport or national identity card, and a copy of your visa if appropriate, to prove to the Home Office that you have the right to work or study in the UK.

Can I have a Cambridge email address / University Card? Visitors to the Department can request these if they are visiting for more than one month. Email addresses are terminated and University Cards should be returned to Reception at the end of the visit.

When can I start? Before your agreed start date, you must have returned your signed Visitor Agreement and ensured that you have the appropriate visa if required. You will need to arrange an appointment with the Head of Department’s Secretary or HR Administrator on your first day to have your Right to Work check. You will be invited to the next scheduled induction meeting. 

You can not start until your Right to Work check has been carried out in person and your personal documents (including visa if appropriate) have been photocopied.

It is the responsibility of the visitor to ensure that they have the appropriate visa for their visit and that they comply with the terms of that visa at all times.

We strongly recommend that you do not arrange to travel to the UK until you have received a Visitor Agreement and have confirmation that your visa application has been successful.

Visitor Application Form this form must be completed by the host Academic for all visitors who will be visiting PDN for more than five days. Please complete the form at least two week prior to the proposed start date. Allow 6-8 weeks for international visitors who may require ATAS clearance and an appropriate visa.

Host academics: please read the guidance documents Guidance for Supervisors and Guidance for Supervisors accepting Erasmus students