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Visitor information

    Visitor Application Form

    Guidance for Supervisors

    Please read the guidance document before completing your application form


    Visitors: Guidance for Supervisors

    We recommend the application process is started at least two months in advance of your visitor’s anticipated start date if your visitor is outside the EEA and requires a visa.

    A visa is required for any visitor from outside of the European Economic Area (ATAS clearance may also be required).  There are a number of different types of visa available and it is important that the visitor confirms what sort of visa they need with PDN Admin before applying. It is the responsibility of the visitor to ensure that they have the correct visa before they travel.  It may be necessary for PDN Admin to contact the International Student Office for advice on the appropriate visa.

    Visitors working with (live) animals will need to complete a Job Hazard Evaluation Form (OHF29) and Security Checks (HR21).

    Visitors are categorised as either:

    -          Student visitor
    -          Academic visitor
    -          Employee of another institution
    -          Independent visitor

    We will issue a Visitor Agreement and T&Cs according to their status.


    Visitors starting in the Department of PDN must:

    • Advise the HOD Secretary and Supervisor if their start date is delayed
    • Return a signed copy of their Visitor Agreement letter
    • Complete a Department Registration Form (hyperlink) and Day One Checklist (hyperlink)
    • provide a scan copy of their passport
    • Attend an induction session*
    • Return access cards on their last day

    Supervisors must ensure:

    • You have filled in the Application Form For A Visitor (hyperlink)
    • We have signed Visitor Agreement in place
    • We have a scanned copy of their passport in our files
    • They have agreed bench fees (if applicable) with the visitor

    Access cards can be arranged with the receptionists in either buildings.

    University Cards are only issued to visitors staying more than six months.

    *Departmental visitors staying a month or more should attend an induction session, which covers Health and Safety, and general information about the Department. This is organised by Sarah Holt and Elaine Murdie and is currently held on alternate Tuesdays at 9.15am in room 78.

    Erasmus+ students

    The University of Cambridge receives incoming work/training placement students who are usually working in a laboratory, but may also be working in administration. If you are approached by a student who wishes to come to Cambridge under the Erasmus Work placement scheme, please let us know so that we can keep the International Student Office informed.

    The student should be made aware that they will not receive a salary from the University and will not be a registered student at the University or a member of a College. They will also need to find their own accommodation. We would recommend using the Accommodation Service for finding accommodation in Cambridge, or contacting one of the colleges (Downing and Pembroke College have guest rooms available term time).


    The student and the department will need to complete a traineeship agreement and a visiting student letter and agreement, both signed by the Departmental Administrator, with copies sent to the International Student Office.

    We supply the letter and agreement using an ISO template – the student will supply you with a traineeship agreement from their home institution.

    Please refer to the webpage below for your info:


    As Erasmus traineeships are work placements, all NON-EU/EEA NATIONALS will need to obtain a TIER 5 (GAE) visa sponsored by the British Council. A short term study or standard visitor’s visa DOES NOT confer the relevant right to work.

    For EEA/EU NATIONALS, the Department should conduct its normal Right to Work checks. In both cases, please send us a copy of the relevant immigration documents when the student arrives.