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Information for Supervisors – PDN courses

This information is intended for those supervising courses based in the Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience.

COVID-19 support

We understand that some supervisors might find it difficult to supervise remotely over the isolation period, and also that some clinical medics may no longer be available to supervise. Please contact Dr Matt Mason ( if your college needs any help finding a temporary replacement.


Please make sure that you are registered with us! Mel Quy ( maintains a list of supervisors for courses based in PDN. If you are interested in supervising one of our courses, or if you are a DoS looking for a supervisor, please contact Mel directly. If you no longer wish to supervise our courses, please let Mel know so that she can remove you from the list.


Important notes for the coming academic year (2019-20)

1. Our course guides and lecture notes are to be found on Moodle, our web-based "virtual learning environment". Last year's Moodle sites have been archived but can be accessed if neccessary. Please contact Mel Quy if you find that you do not have access to any of these websites.

2. The Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience maintains its decision that printed handouts will no longer be given out in any of its courses, in any part of any Tripos (the only exceptions are the FAB manual, HNA handbook and Histology handbook). Handouts will still be available on the course websites, however. Students and supervisors are encouraged to bring electronic copies to lectures, or alternatively print out their own copies of the handouts at home and bring those. Please remember that recording a lecture in audio or visual format is prohibited, except in cases where this has received prior approval by Disability Resources.

Please follow these links for more information and updates on specific subjects:

Those supervising or studying physiology might be interested in joining the Physiological Society, which also offers grants for undergraduate summer projects.

Please contact Dr Matt Mason if you have any questions about supervising PDN courses which are not addressed here, or if you have any suggestions for other things that you would like to see on this website.