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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


PDN is striving to make all aspects of career progression as clear and transparent as possible. This starts with a clear and inclusive induction, effective training and mentoring, effective collaboration, and transparency regarding promotion and progression. This information may differ depending on which staff or student group you work in, so please see our tailored advice as well as the links to University-wide information on training and development.


PDN Information on Career Progression

PDN Info for Professional Services Staff

PDN Info for Academic Staff

School of Biological Sciences Info for early career PI

PDN Info for Postdocs

PDN Info for Graduate Students

University Career Links

UCam Career Services

UCam Training & Development

UCam Researcher Development

UCam Career Support Fund

UCam Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers

UCam Postdoc Academy Researcher Development Focus – Career planning and progression

UCam Dept of Chemistry webpage on Postdoc Career Development

UCam Personal & Professional Development