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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Form and fuction is an important area of research at PDN. Our groups are focused on topics such as molecular mechanisms underlying control of cell shape, movement and cell-cell interactions; reorganisation and assembly of cells into functional organs and the biomechanics of movement, at cellular and macroscopic levels.

At the system level, we are looking into the functional consequences of tissue shape in areas such as the  middle ear, the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiopulmonary system and the nervous system. We are also interested in how the interface between cells and extracellular structures works.




Visualising morphogenetic mechanisms

Laboratory for primate embryogenesis

Brown lab

Molecular analysis of morphogenesis

buckley image-01_preview.jpeg

Optogenetically probing cell polarity and brain development

Neural circuit reconstruction of Drosophila larva

Franze lab

Mechanics in nervous system development and pathology

Human Anatomy Centre

Research and teaching through anatomical dissection

Mason lab

Structure, function and evolution of the vertebrate ear

Paluch lab

How animal cells control their shape


Sanson lab

Morphogenesis of the epithelium in Drosophila embryos

Sarris lab

How immune cells search tissues and find sites of infection or tissue damage

Veterinary Anatomy Group

Research and teaching of pre-clinical veterinary


Other Academics specializing in this area

Andrew Crawford