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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Current course structure and course materials are detailed on the Histology Moodle site (click here).

Supervisors should be aware that MedST & VetST IA Histology is a required part of the professional qualification of Medics and Vets (2nd MB/2nd Vet MB) and the requirements for diligent attendance are detailed on the Histology Moodle site (click here). It is therefore essential that supervisors do not arrange supervisions in the times allocated for students to attend the Histology Practicals (2-4pm MWF). Histology is assessed as part of the MedST & VetST IA Homeostasis exam; the Histology marks are combined with the Homeostasis marks. Colleges do not normally give separate Histology supervisions, but MedST & VetST Directors of Studies and supervisors in MedST & VetST IA Homeostasis are responsible for ensuring that their students are progressing adequately and are not experiencing any significant difficulties. Any problems should be referred in the first instance to the Histology Course Organizers.

Please ask to enrol you in our new Moodle site for supervisors, which offers help, advice and training for all supervisors involved in PDN subjects.