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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


MedST & VetST IA Histology is taught primarily as a practical course. To a large extent, the Histology classes are scheduled in synchrony with the Homeostasis lectures in order to reinforce the association between the microscopic structure of cells and tissues with their function. Students are assisted by a team of Demonstrators and are required to apply their self-learning skills to study Histology. The teaching material consists of a course handbook, slides of various tissue sections, electron and light micrographs of a variety of cells and tissues, poster demonstrations, on-line computer modules and digital slides.

Click here to access the 1A Histology Moodle site.

Supervisors should be aware that MedST & VetST IA Histology is a required part of the professional qualification of Medics and Vets (2nd MB/2nd Vet MB). Histology is assessed as part of the MedST & VetST IA Homeostasis exam; the Histology marks are combined with the Homeostasis marks. Colleges do not normally give separate Histology supervisions, but MedST & VetST Directors of Studies and supervisors in MedST & VetST IA Homeostasis are responsible for ensuring that their students are progressing adequately and are not experiencing any significant difficulties. Any problems should be referred in the first instance to the Histology Course Organizer, Dr Teresa Tiffert.

A total of six self-assessment exercises are given over the course of the year. From these, four are given online, at mid-term and at end-of-term during the Michaelmas and the Lent terms. The other two are based on the examination of microscope slides; these are given at the beginning of both Lent and Easter terms in the Histology classroom. Students are required to complete at least four of the six self-assessment exercises.

Supervisors are welcome to attend a Histology practical class if they would like to familiarize themselves with what we do. If you would like to attend, please e-mail Dr Teresa Tiffert to make arrangements.