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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


PDN is committed to upholding the University core values of Collaboration, Respect, Integrity and Trust (ourcambridge).

PDN recognises that it is important that our work and our roles in the Department and the University are recognised and valued. While we are constrained in PDN as to how much we can pay people, we are open to discussions with anyone who feels that they would like to be considered for promotion or job development. Research staff, professional services staff and early career PIs should have a fair and constructive appraisal once a year. Communication is essential to ensure we are all aware of the great work we are doing together. PDN has a monthly Bulletin and welcomes articles from anyone who has been working on a teaching, research, technical or admin project: please contact our Communications team (web link below). We strive to ensure that our committees have representatives from all staff and student groups in PDN so that we can give a voice to everyone, and we regularly welcome new members.

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