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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

  • We have updated our job advertisement template and further particulars in line with the University Diverse Recruitment Framework. Positions are advertised on diverse networks. Our recruitment process now ask applicants to consider ED&I during the application and/or  interview stage.


  • We continually review our ED&I training: we will be contacting all staff to ensure core training is up to date. Basic ED&I training and unconscious bias training should be completed every three years. We consider additional sources of training and information. For example, we organised a PDN-specific 'Race Awareness' training course in January 2022, attended by over 70 members of PDN.


  • We have ED&I notice boards in the Anatomy and Physiology buildings and we have generated posters and infographics to raise awareness about ED&I.


  • When operational, we use the PDN Bulletin to communicate information about ED&I.


  • We carried out a survey in PDN on ED&I matters in 2021 and plan to do this annually.


  • We plan events to recognise some of the key dates in the ED&I calendar:
  • International Women's Day (March)
  • Pride Month (June)
  • Black History Month (October)