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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Congratulations on being chosen to supervise reproductive biology for some of our vet students. They are a bright, motivated bunch and I am sure you will enjoy the experience. The VRB course is generally one of the most popular ones they study in their first two years, partly because it has a good balance of theoretical and practical material. We even get students saying they are looking forward to it!

The students have a great deal of work to do in the second year, and they find some of the other IB courses difficult. The VRB course often comes at a time when the students are questioning whether they will ever get to clinical school. Yet this course is one of the most integrated and clinically relevant courses they study, and so you should use it as a tool to 're-motivate' them. Also, many vets choose reproduction options at Part II. Remember, colleges run an excellent system of student support and if you cannot resolve any problems you should feel free to contact students' Directors of Studies or Tutors.

Information for supervisors about this course including tips about supervising generally and about teaching on this particular course is now on our new Moodle site for supervisors. Please ask to enrol you on this.

David Bainbridge,, University Clinical Veterinary Anatomist