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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Cellular and systems physiology has a strong presence across our department and encompasses a wide range of research activities to answer fundamental questions about cell physiology and the integration of responses at the tissue and whole organism level. The interdisciplinary nature of this research means that there are often synergistic interactions with the other research themes in the Department.

The research groups in this theme use a wide range of techniques including cell imaging and signalling pathways, electrophysiology, optogenetics, metabolic and hormone profiling, transgenic mouse analysis and mathematical modelling.



Laboratory for primate embryogenesis


Colledge lab

Reproductive physiology and the role of kisspeptin in the central regulation of the reproductive axis.


Forhead lab

Mammalian endocrinology and the hormonal regulation of fetal physiology and development


Fowden lab

Comparative developmental physiology, mechanisms controlling intrauterine development

Franze lab

Mechanics in nervous system development and pathology


Fraser lab

Cardiac and skeletal muscle electrophysiology

Galliano lab

Neural network development, plasticity and impact on behaviour


Giussani lab

How adverse conditions during pregnancy can programme heart disease in the adult offspring

Hardie lab

Phototransduction, TRP channels, lipid and Calcium signalling in Drosophila

Herbison lab

Properties and functioning of the key neural populations controlling fertility in mammals


Mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis in genetically modified hearts

Johnson lab

Physiology of hypoxic response


Mason lab

Characterisation and identification of novel ion channels in cells of leukaemic origin

Matthews lab

Phototransduction and olfactory transduction

Synaptic and network function in cortical development and neurodevelopmental disorders


Murray lab

Mitochondrial function, how this is altered by metabolic diseases, development, ageing, diet, exercise and oxygen

Paulsen lab

Cellular basis of information processing in the mammalian brain

Robinson lab

Ion channels and neuron dynamics


Sage lab

Calcium signalling mechanisms in human blood platelets


How pH changes arise in the central nervous system and their effect on neuronal excitability, homeostatic control during exercise


Tiffert lab

Mechanism of ion traffic across biological membranes in health and disease

Winter lab

Primitive neural mechanisms of auditory scene analysis

Other Academics specializing in this area


Virgilio Lew


Roy Patterson



Roger Thomas