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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

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The Department has an extensive teaching programme for medical, veterinary and science undergraduates. We offer excellent opportunities and facilities for training in research, leading to the degree of PhD, or MPhil in the Biological Sciences.

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Research in PDN is primarily in four major areas: Cellular and Systems Physiology, Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Neuroscience and Form and Function.

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Centre for Trophoblast Research

The aim of the centre is to alleviate suffering resulting from placentally-related complications of pregnancy that remain a major cause of maternal and infant mortality worldwide.

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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre

The CAIC is a visionary initiative to promote multidisciplinary working across the University on the application of advanced imaging technology to biology.

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Cancer prediction through artificial neural network algorithms

Feb 18, 2020

International team of researchers led by Paul Schofield developes a new algorithmic method capable of analyzing molecular data collected in studies and identifying genetic patterns associated to the development of cancer

New study by Ewa Paluch's lab makes cover of Developmental Cell

Feb 04, 2020

The researchers used proteomics to identify key factors controlling actin organisation in mitosis

Common technique used in IVF impacts placenta growth and function

Jan 16, 2020

New mouse study by the Watson group published in Reproduction shows that a common technique required for in vitro fertilization changes how genes are expressed in the placenta and alters fetal and placental growth with potential implications on life-long health.

PDN students win prizes for best oral presentation at Anatomical Meetings

Jan 10, 2020

The British Association of Clinical Anatomists has awarded prizes to Tabbie Brough and Katie James, while Claudia Santoni has been awarded by the Anatomical Society

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