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PDN Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience series


The Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience are dedicated to Lord Edgar Adrian, renowned Cambridge physiologist and Nobel laureate.

Videos of the latest talk are available below.

All talks will take place on Mondays in the Hodgkin Huxley seminar room, Physiology Building, at 4:30 pm.





 More information to come.

Date Speaker Hosted by
20 May

Miriam Goodman, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Standford University of Medicine

The mechanics and biophysics of getting in touch


Larry Swanson, University of Southern California

New ideas on the organization of neural circuitry


Adrian Lecture and Seminars Committee

Horace Barlow, Steve Edgley, Kristian Franze, Roger Hardie, Zoe Kourtzi, Simon Laughlin (coopted), Máté Lengyel (coopted), Ole Paulsen (Co-chair), Hugh Robinson, Wolfram Schultz (Chair), Ian Winter, Marisa Parsonage (Secretary).


Video of the latest Adrian Seminar