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PDN Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience series


The Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience are dedicated to Lord Edgar Adrian, renowned Cambridge physiologist and Nobel laureate.

Videos of the latest talk are available below.

All talks will take place on Mondays in the Hodgkin Huxley seminar room, Physiology Building, at 4:30 pm.




Calendar (Michaelmas Term 2017)


Date Speaker Hosted by

Dora Angelaki, Baylor College of Medicine

Brain dynamics in a firefly catching task

Zoe Kourtzi

David Rowitch, University of Cambridge                                       

Functional heterogeneity of astrocytes in the mammalian CNS

Bill Harris, Christine Holt
November 2017

Corinne Houart, King’s College London

Modulation of embryonic signalling activities controls forebrain size and complexity

Christine Holt

November 2017

ANNUAL LECTURE in the Physiology Lecture Theatre

Rachel Wilson, Harvard Medical School

Neural correlates of orienting behaviors and latent action biases

Simon Laughlin

Adrian Lecture and Seminars Committee

Horace Barlow, Steve Edgley, Kristian Franze, Roger Hardie, Bill Harris, Christine Holt, Zoe Kourtzi, Simon Laughlin (coopted), Roy Patterson, Ole Paulsen (Co-Chair), Hugh Robinson, Wolfram Schultz (Chair), Trevor Wardill, Ian Winter, Daniel Wolpert (coopted), Lyn Dakin (Secretary).


Video of the latest Adrian Seminar

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Harder for T cells to fight cancer in absence of VEGF-A

Nov 13, 2017

New research by Randall Johnson about the role of VEGF-A in helping T-cells in low oxygen environments makes the cover of Cancer Cell

Sheep are able to recognise human faces from photographs

Nov 08, 2017

Sheep can be trained to recognise human faces from photographic portraits – and can even identify the picture of their handler without prior training – according to new research from Jenny Morton's lab

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