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PDN Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience series


The Adrian Seminars in Neuroscience are dedicated to Lord Edgar Adrian, renowned Cambridge physiologist and Nobel laureate.

All talks will take place on Mondays online, Zoom links will be shared by email.





Date Speaker Hosted by

Sonja Hofer, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Making sense of what you see: cortical and thalamic circuits for active vision

Julija Krupic and Ole Paulsen

Alexandra Battaglia-Mayer, Università della Sapienza, Rome

Two brains in action: Neural mechanisms in frontal and parietal cortex of monkeys’

Wolfram Schultz

Adrian Lecture and Seminars Committee

Hannah Clarke, Steve Edgley, Kristian Franze, Fabian Grabenhorst, Susan Jones, Zoe Kourtzi (coopted), Julija Krupic, Simon Laughlin (coopted), Máté Lengyel (coopted), Jenny Morton, Ole Paulsen (Co-Chair), Hugh Robinson (sabbatical), Wolfram Schultz (Chair), Ian Winter, Marta Zladic (coopted),

Aileen Jordan and Marisa Parsonage (secretaries).


Video of the latest Adrian Seminar


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Developmental clock and mechanism of de novo polarization of the mouse embryo

Jan 07, 2021

Study by the Zernicka-Goetz lab highlights the role of zygotic genome activation in regulating the timing of cell polarization

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