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Green matters

PDN loves to be Green

PDN is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the department. In order to achieve this we ask that everyone works in a resource-efficient way, minimising impacts to the environment wherever possible. Practical examples of this are switching off lights and equipment when they're not needed, recycling, printing double sided and chosing environmentally friendly modes of transport whenever possible. 

The aim of this page is to promote awareness of green issues in the department and to keep you up-to-date with what the department and university as a whole are doing to try and reduce their environmental impact.

PDN has it's own 'Green Team' who work hard to promote environmental issues in the department. The department was awarded Gold in the 2015 Cambridge University Green Impact Scheme and achieved an Excellence award in 2016. For more information on the Green Impact Scheme click here.

We're always happy for new members to join the team so if you're interested please get in touch with one of us:

  • Chair: Kat Millen
  • Cristina Branco
  • Howie Davies
  • Sarah Foster
  • Phil Garrett
  • Bill Harris
  • Glyn Manning
  • Sarah Shorne
  • Liz Williams


  • The university waste contract is now with Mick George, for a reminder of what goes into each bin see
  • We can now recycle food waste! There is collection point in the physiology tearoom and bins in Anatomy by the second floor water cooler and first floor stairwell. Food waste can be collected in clear plastic bags then just taken to one of these points at the end of the day.
  • Glass is also now recycled separately so please don't put it in the general recycling bins and remember to cross out/remove any labels on glass bottles.
  • We're also decreasing our waste by having re-usable mugs in the tearoom and re-usable plates for use at the BBQ/symposium/Christmas party etc. Please use them!

Travel Tips

  • The University has a travel to work loan for annual season tickets or bike equipment.
  • There is a free online car sharing service. The University is a member and this is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to share any number of journeys on a regular basis or otherwise.
  • A 10% discount rate on the purchase of train season tickets and bulk-buy tickets is available for staff of the University of Cambridge on certain routes.
  • CycleStreets have a wonderful interactive online cycle map.
  • The University has a number of Zipcar vehicles across the estate. Sign up to Zipcar, either as an individual or Department, for half price.
  • You can claim 20p per mile back on tax for using your personal cycle at work. You can claim through personal expenses and HMRC.
  • As an alternative to travelling to meeting you can use video conferencing. From Skype to Webinars, there are now so many alternatives. 
  • For more info on travelling to work see the university's Downing Site travel guide

Reducing our Freezer Footprint

We've been focussing on the departments freezers, aiming to increase the efficiency of our freezers.

Earlier in the year we asked everyone to fill out a freezer survey and thanks to your help we now have database of 121 freezers, which we've been able to estimate use 320kWh of energy every day, thats over 116,000kWh annually! 

The next step is to increase the efficiency of our freezers, in order to reduce the departments energy use, more info on this coming soon.