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Prof Ewa K Paluch

We investigate how animal cells control their shape. As shape is inherently controlled by mechanical forces, we combine biology and physics to understand how cells regulate their own mechanics, and how cell mechanics determine shape in healthy and disease conditions.
Prof Ewa K Paluch

Professor of Anatomy

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 33833



Research Interests

The mechanobiology of cell shape control

My group investigates the basic principles underlying animal cell morphogenesis. A precise control of cellular shape is key to cell physiology, and cell shape deregulation is at the heart of many pathological disorders including cancer. Yet, how cells regulate their own shape remains poorly understood. We investigate this question taking an interdisciplinary approach combining molecular and cell biology, quantitative imaging, mechanical measurements and physical modelling.

We particularly focus on the cell cortex, a thin actomyosin network that lies under the plasma membrane and determines the shape of most animal cells. The cortex enables the cell to resist externally applied stresses and to exert mechanical work. As such, it plays a role in normal physiology during events involving cell deformation such as cell division and migration, and in the pathophysiology of diseases such as cancer where cell shape is often deregulated.

Key questions we investigate include:

  • The nanoscale architecture of the cortex, to understand cortex mechanics across scales, from molecular processes up.
  • The biomechanics of cell division and migration.
  • The cross-talk between cell shape and cell fate in mouse embryonic stem cells.

The lab is currently based at the MRC-LMCB, University College London, and will be moving to PDN in 2019.



Guillaume Salbreux (Francis Crick Institute, London)
Guillaume Charras (LCN, University College London)
Guillaume Romet-Lemonne (IJM, Paris)
Philippe Roux (IRIC, Montreal)
Kevin Chalut (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)
Jenny Nichols (PDN / Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)
Ricardo Henriques (MRC-LMCB, University College London)
Ohad Medalia (University of Zurich)



Key Publications

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Recent reviews

Koenderink GH, Paluch EK. (2018) Architecture shapes contractility in actomyosin networks. Curr Op Cell Biol. 50:79-85.

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