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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Same day poster printing service with collection before close of business, no surcharge if we receive your file before 12pm (midday). Please state same day in email.


How to send your file:

1.  Email or use to: 
2.  File saved as pdf
3.  State size of poster
4.  State poster material (paper/cloth etc.)
5.  Confirm the date or time you need to collect the poster


We print posters to all the standard 'A' sizes or any custom size you wish up to 105cm wide by any length.

Here is our paper size guide

  • 180gsm Paper is ideal for local conferences or one off posters, or laminated/encapsulated for robustness if for multiple use.  We also sell plastic, extendable tubes to transport posters.
  • Lightweight Cloth is the very popular choice if you're travelling to a conference, the print is as defined and bright as paper, yet being on cloth it can be folded into your bag to transport. Avoiding leaving a poster tube on a plane, or paying for an extra bag!
  • Photo Satin for a photographic finish, ideal for framing.
  • Canvas to be mounted on a wooden frame ready for hanging, we print and can mount to a frame you supply.
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl for directly fixing to a wall for semi permanent display (as used by museums such as the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge)
  • Encapsulation is similarly up to 105cm wide by any length on 75 microfilm matt or gloss finish, or upto 75cm wide on 125 microfilm gloss.
  • Foamboard mounting. Prints can be mounted on 5mm foamboard for semi-permanent display.


Posters with a distance

Travelling to Cambridge for a conference?  You can email your file ahead and we will print your poster for you ready to collect on arrival.

File formats for your poster

The preferred file for your poster is pdf, this is the safest option of your poster printing as it appears on screen. Powerpoint and Word 'Save as', Adobe Indesign and Illustrator 'Export' and under compression choose not to downsample images.  Things to avoid in creation, copy & paste, png images. Preferably create your file at the size to be printed, but we can scale your file to fit the size you require.

No bleed area or crop marks are needed for large format poster printing.

If possible please identify your file with your name (NAME.pdf).


We can print any of the 'A' sizes, or custom sizes up to 105cm wide by any length.  If you would like more information on the sizes, please see our paper size guide.


Posters are priced as below. Customers within Cambridge University paying with a grant code or purchase order do not have to pay VAT.  Any customer paying personally has to pay VAT, the price including VAT is in brackets.

Paper Type A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 per m2
180gsm Paper £30 (£36) £16 (£19.20) £9 (£10.80) £4 (£4.80)  

£30 (£36)

180gsm Paper & Encapsulation £50 (£60) £27 (£32.40) £15 (£18)

£7.50 (£9)

  £50 (£60)
Lightweight Cloth £50 (£60) £27 (£32.40) £15 (£18) £7.50 (£9)   £50 (£60)
Photo Satin £40 (£48) £22 (26.40) £12 (£14.40) £5.50 (£6.60) £5   (£6) £40 (£48)
Self-Adhesive Vinyl £35 (£42) £19 (£22.80)

£11 (£13.20)

£5      (£6) £4  (£4.80) £35 (£42)
Encapsulation £20 (£24) £11 (£13.20) £6 (£7.20) £3 (£3.60) £1.50 (£1.80) £20 (£24)
Foamboard Mounting (exc print) £35 (£42) £18 (£21.50) £10 (£12) £3.50 (£4.20) £3.50 (£4.20)

£35 (£42)





phone: 01223 333787 / 333767  


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