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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Posters containing experimental data not published subsequently

BSA 2008

Understanding vocoded speech with two types of upward spectral shift: place-frequency mismatch in cochlear implants vs. shrinking speakers.
Alexis G. Hervais-Adelman, Annick. Aubin-Pouliot, Melanie. Knowles, Roy. D. Patterson

BSA 2007

Cortical processing of spoken vowel-consonant and consonant-vowel syllables
Alexis G. Hervais-Adelman, D. Timothy Ives and Roy D. Patterson
Release from masking in concurrent speech using ITD and speaker size
D. Timothy Ives, Andrew J. Taylor and Roy D. Patterson

ASA 2007

The effect of phase, fundamental and lowest component on the perception of octave height
Ralph van Dinther and Roy D. Patterson

BSA 2006

Modelling the strength of Melodic pitch using time-interval information
D. Timothy Ives, Steven M. Bailey and Roy D. Patterson

Binaural integration of neural activity patterns using a coincidence gate
Mamoru Iwaki and Roy D. Patterson

The effect of phase in the perception of octave height P38
Ralph van Dinther, Nima J. Ghadiri, Menaka Thavarajah and Roy D. Patterson
Bayesian approaches to pitch-synchronous vowel normalization. P25
Thomas C. Walters and Roy D. Patterson

BSA 2005

The perception of scale in whispered vowels
David R. R. Smith and Roy D. Patterson

Size and temperature information in bullfrog calls. P17
Phil A. Gomersall, Thomas C. Walters and Roy D. Patterson.


BSA 2004

The relative contribution of glottal pulse rate and vocal tract length in size discrimination judgements. P59

Phil A. Gomersall, Thomas C. Walters, Richard E. Turner and Roy D. Patterson

Estimating vocal tract length from formant frequency data using a physical model and a latent variable factor analysis. P61

Richard E. Turner, Thomas C. Walters, and Roy D. Patterson