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NST IB Physiology course website

Welcome to the NST IB Physiology website. Physiology is one of many second-year biological subjects that can be taken by Natural Science students in the University of Cambridge. These pages are intended as a guide to the course, particularly for those students who are considering IB Physiology as one of their second-year options. For those students who are already enrolled, course notes and lecture slides can be found on our dedicated Moodle site.

Physiology occupies an important central position amongst the second-year biology subjects on offer at Cambridge. Find out more about this by clicking on our Why take IB Physiology? page.

You are not required to have taken IA Physiology of Organisms in order to read IB Physiology, although it would obviously be very helpful for you to have done so because the IB course builds on the physiological knowledge introduced there. However, many of the topics in the IB course, such as reproduction, exercise physiology and physiology of extreme environments, were not covered in IA. Those who are taking IB without having taken PoO should look through some of the PoO lecture handouts over the holidays, in particular the lectures of the Michaelmas Term (excluding those on neurobiology and sensory biology, which are not in the IB Physiology course), the "Homeostasis" course of the Lent Term, and the "Thermoregulation and Metabolism" course of the Easter term. The IB Physiology course is focused almost entirely on mammals, and specifically humans, so the more comparative aspects of the Physiology of Organisms course, including plant science, are not pursued in IB.

We very much hope that you will enjoy this year's lectures and classes: we believe that at the end of the year you will have found our course to have been not just interesting but very useful for whichever Part II course you choose!