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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Here are some answers to several of the most common questions regarding the 1B Physiology course:

- There is no plant science in 1B Physiology. It is entirely animal physiology, mainly concentrating on humans but looking at other mammals too where interesting differences occur. Rather than being a comparative course like 1A Physiology of Organisms, 1B Physiology is more focused and in-depth: more like the course that the medical students get.

- There is only a little neurobiology in 1B Physiology – neuro is covered in a separate 1B module, although the two subjects are obviously complementary.

- The level of mathematics/physics needed for this course is no more advanced than that required for 1A PoO.

- There are some exciting practicals associated with this course: they follow a similar format to those run in the Physiological Laboratory in 1A PoO.

- You can take it without having taken 1A PoO, although you will certainly enjoy a big advantage if you have that background.

- Part 2 Physiology, Development & Neuroscience (PDN), our third-year course, allows you either to concentrate on one of P, D or N, or to combine if you don’t have to take modules in all three subjects.