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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


During term-time we hold weekly internal seminars so that everyone can keep up to date with the exciting and diverse research going on in the department.  Most talks are from postdocs and graduate students, though everybody is welcome to present their research.  Please get in contact with Claire Lye ( if you would like to be a speaker.

PDN Chalks and Talks started life as informal ‘coffee-chalks’, but now we have a mixture of conference-style presentations and more informal talks.  We hope that this gives people a chance to present their work in whichever format they feel they would benefit most from.  Conference-style speakers receive constructive feedback on their talks, providing a useful training opportunity.

During COVID-restrictions we ran in a virtual format, providing a valuable way for members of the department to keep in touch with each other.  We now hope to move to a mixed format, so that people can choose to attend either in person or virtually. 


Volunteer to Chair or Provide Speaker Feedback

We are always looking for people to chair sessions and provide speaker feedback.  Why not get involved?  Please email Claire Lye ( to volunteer.

Current Organising Committee

Claire Lye
Yisha Lan
Yin Yuan

We are always happy to welcome new members to our organising committee, if you are interested to join please contact Claire Lye