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  1. Conference opening
  2. Alexander Bruce: Generating different genetic expression patterns
  3. Maria-Elena Torres Padilla (Strasbourg): Generating different epigenotypes
  4. Gijs Teklenberg (Utrecht): Embryo-endometrial interactions in vitro
  5. Jan Brosens (Warwick): Genes, epigenes and implantation failure
  6. Peter Parham (Stanford): Pregnancy, immunology and evolution
  7. Dennis Lo (Hong Kong): 1st trimester maternal blood DNA/RNA testing: a practical alternative to prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis?
  8. Bert Smeets (Maastrict): Options for managing mitochondrial genetic disease
  9. Melissa Mann (London, Ontario): Preimplantation embryo culture and epigenetics
  10. Jonathan van Blerkom (Colorado): Mitochondria – the underestimated organelle in embryo development
  11. Marcos Meseguer (Valencia): Is morphokinetic analysis the answer?
  12. Peter Braude (London): Are the ‘best’ embryos being selected and what prospects for improvement?
  13. Roger Gosden (Virginia): In vitro follicle maturation
  14. Daniel Brison (Manchester): How should we assess safety of oocyte vitrification and other novel IVF technologies?
  15. Susan Bewley (London): Reproduction in the older woman: Biological and social clocks
  16. Susan Crockin (Mass): Future ethico-legal/regulatory issues
  17. Hans Evers (Giessen): Is evidence based ART the only way forward?
  18. Sarah Franklin (Cambridge): Through a Looking Glass: the paradox of IVF
  19. Alan Trounson (LA): Embryo derived stem cell therapies
  20. Howard Jones (USA): A tribute to Bob Edwards