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Communications strategy


Our main goals

Our specific goals

The Communications Committee was set up in 2014 in response to staff feedback and it has two overall goals:

1. To facilitate internal communication by ensuring all members of PDN have access to relevant information and are informed about events relating to Departmental research, teaching, administration, and welfare and wellbeing.

2. Ensure that the goals and achievements of all members of PDN are communicated effectively within PDN and the wider University community.

Please read our Internal and External communication strategy documents to find out how we try to meet these goals.

If you would like to get involved or provide feedback about any of the communications activities of PDN, please get in touch with the Communications Committee.

  • Provide access to information about people, resources, training, opportunities

  • Share PDN’s key goals of: excellence in teaching, research, wellbeing, public engagement

  • Share the achievements of all members of PDN

  • Promote interaction between individuals and all groups of staff, and thus wellbeing

To achieve this, we use a variety of traditional and digital media.

Committee members

Additional information

Sue Jones

Roberto Inchingolo
Comms Officer
Elaine Murdie

David Bainbridge
Academic Rep

Golnar Kolahgar
Academic Rep
Cecilia Brassett
Teaching Rep

Assistant staff Rep

Postdoc Rep
Eva Pillai
Graduate Rep

If you would like to share your research story or an upcoming paper, please email Roberto Inchingolo at