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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Rapid Cue-Specific Remodeling of the Nascent Axonal Proteome

The Holt lab at PDN has developed a new method to identify newly synthesized axonal proteins in response to axon guidance cues. Axons stimulated by different guidance cues show distinct and common signatures.

The researchers at Christine Holt's lab developed a highly sensitive mass spec method to detect newly synthesized proteins in axons within just 5 minutes. They found that a surprisingly large set of proteins (over 100) are synthesized in this subcellular compartment within this short timescale. Remarkably, different extrinsic cues trigger the translation of distinct subsets of mRNAs giving rise to 'signature' nascent proteomes. The findings give new awareness of the complex and adaptive nature of the subcellular proteome.

You can read a preview of the study here.

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