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Professional services staff

Adam Austwick Senior Accounts Clerk Accounts 68077
Ian Bolton AVMG Technican AVMG 33787
Darren Broadhurst Teaching Technician Human DR 33778
Lyn Carter Microscopy Technician CAIC 33774
Matthew Chapman Maintenance Technician   33811
Lisa Childs Human DR Technician Human DR
Debbie Corke Cleaner Physiology Building
Howard Davies Chief Teaching Technician (Physiology Building) Physiology Building 33842
Stephen Dowler Cleaner Physiology Building
Sharon Durie Teaching Technician Part I Classroom 33843
Emma Eastwell Research Technician CTR 46744
Isla Fay Human Anatomy Technical Coordinator Human DR 33770
Sabrina Farrow Accounts Clerk Accounts
Deborah Fatibene Stores/Purchasing Assistant Anatomy Building 68079
Martin Forder Maintenance Technician   33811
Filomena Gallo Microscope Technician CAIC 33774
Phil Garrett Principal Assistant (Anatomy Building) Anatomy Building 33764
Rebecca Gillett Senior Secretary Anatomy Building 33772
Lorna Goffee-Palser Accounts Administrator PDN Accounts/Stores 68079
Nathalie Henry Centre Administrator
Holt Sarah Occupational Safety & Health Technician
Roberto Inchingolo Communications Coordinator   33821
Matthew Jones Lab Technician Bray Lab
Sophie Jones Teaching Technician Part I Classroom 33783
Aileen Jordan Graduate Administrator 33814
Glyn Manning Deputy Facilities Manager   33783
Debbie McQuillan Stores Technician PDN Accounts/Stores 33796
Kat Millen Lab Manager Bray Lab 33755
Katrin Mooslehner Lab Manager Harris/Holt lab 66230
Fiona Morgan Lab Manager Paluch Lab
Hannah Mudge Lab Technician Zernicka-Goetz Lab
Elaine Murdie HR Administrator   33769
Trish Murray Receptionist Anatomy Building
Adrian Newman AVMG Technican  AVMG
John Overton Research Technician Brown lab 34129
Nigel Prime IT Technician Physiology Building 33742
Rozeik Christina SRI coordinator Physiology Building 33750
Mel Quy Teaching Technician Part I Classroom 33843
Mandy Sherman Research Grants Administrator PDN Accounts/Stores 34186
Anne Singh Receptionist Physiology Building 33899
Amy Tattersal Visual Media Group Assistant AVMG
Roger Tattersall Chief Teaching Technician Vet DR 33790
Claire Williams Human Anatomy Technical Coordinator Human DR
Ian Williamson Teaching Technician Part I Classroom 33843
Maria Wright Chief Teaching Technician Human DR 33778
Jan Zwierzanski Cleaner Physiology Building