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Dr Kevin O'Holleran

Dr Kevin O'Holleran

Director of Light Microscopy

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333781

Research Interests

Kevin O'Holleran heads the development of the light microscopes at CAIC. Kevin joined the centre from the National Physical Laboratory where he used his expertise as an optical physicist and mathematical modeler to design and build super resolution microscopes. Primarily he and his team will focus on the development of fluorescence light sheet microscopes and analysis of the vast quantities of data produced. Kevin also oversees a number of collaborations which will see STED and 3D localisation super resolution microscopes developed for the centre.

Key Publications

Shaw M, O’Holleran K, Patterson C, (2013), Investigation of the confocal wavefront sensor and its application to biological microscopy, Optics Express, 21, 19353-19362

O’Holleran K, Shaw M, (2012), Polarization effects on contrast in structured illumination microscopy, Optics Letters, 37, 4603-4605

Dennis MR, King RP, Jack B, O’Holleran K, Padgett MJ, (2010), Isolated optical vortex knots, Nature Physics 6, 118-121


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