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Muscular dystrophies are genetic disorders that cause progressive muscle weakness and disability. One cause of dystrophy is a failure of muscle stem cells, called Satellite Cells (SCs), to maintain and repair muscles. Despite intense biomedical research, much remains to be learnt about SCs function. Recent studies have revealed the existence of SCs in the insect Drosophila, which now emerges as a new genetic model to study SCs. Our project is to exploit genetic, cellular and molecular tools available in Drosophila to decipher mechanisms controlling SCs function in normal and muscle injury conditions. 


Prof Sarah Bray
Dr Evanthia Zacharioudaki
Dr Kat Millen


Key publications: 

Hadi Boukhatmi and Sarah Bray (2018). A population of adult satellite-like cells in Drosophila is maintained through a switch in RNA-isoforms. eLife 2018;7:e35954.

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