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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


The Department has two principal buildings.

Go to Map and directions for information about how to reach the Department.

The Anatomy Building

The entrance to the building is via a ramp, which leads to the service lift. The lift reaches all floors, and the corridors are generally uncluttered and accessible. Also there is access to the main lecture theatre at lower ground floor level. There are toilet facilities for disabled staff, visitors and students in the basement.

Access issues

The Physiological Building

Eight of the nine floors in the Physiological Building are accessible to those in wheelchairs. Unfortunately, assistance would be required when entering the remaining floor, which has a small number of steep stairs. The lecture theatres, Library and the disabled toilets can be reached via the wheelchair lift near reception. There is a dedicated disabled parking space from which the building can be accessed independently.

Access issues

Enquiries about the departmental resources should be directed to the Disability Liaison Officer, Phil Garrett.

Information on the University's provision for disabled staff and students can be found on the Disability Resource Centre web site.