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The Department has an extensive teaching programme for medical, veterinary and science undergraduates. We offer excellent opportunities and facilities for training in research, leading to the degree of PhD, or MPhil in the Biological Sciences.

Undergraduate Graduate


Research in PDN is primarily in four major areas: Cellular and Systems Physiology, Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Neuroscience and Form and Function.

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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre

The Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre is a visionary initiative to promote multidisciplinary working across the University on the application of advanced imaging technology to biology.

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Centre for Trophoblast Research

The ultimate aim of the centre is to alleviate suffering resulting from placentally-related complications of pregnancy that remain a major cause of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality worldwide.

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Congratulations to the PDN Green Team for winning the 2015 Green Impact Gold award. Dr Kat Millen was also awarded the Environmental Hero award for her commitment to making our Department eco-friendly.

Dr Roy D. Patterson has been awarded the Silver Medal of the Acoustical Society of America for outstanding achievements in acoustics research.

Prof Giussani's research group has been awarded the Thomas McDonald Award from the Society for Reproductive Research Investigation. This award acknowledges the highest ranked abstract by an investigator-in-training within the field of fetal neuroscience. Dr Beth Allison, Postdoc, was the first author of this work.

There is excellent news from this year's SAP exercise. Nick Brown has been promoted to a Professorship and Jenny Nichols to Readership. Our warm congratulations to them!

Many congratulations to Martin Johnson (FRS) who has just been awarded Honorary membership of The Physiological Society.

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