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The Department has an extensive teaching programme for medical, veterinary and science undergraduates. We offer excellent opportunities and facilities for training in research, leading to the degree of PhD, or MPhil in the Biological Sciences.

Undergraduate Graduate


Research in PDN is primarily in four major areas: Cellular and Systems Physiology, Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Neuroscience and Form and Function.

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Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre

The Cambridge Advanced Imaging Centre is a visionary initiative to promote multidisciplinary working across the University on the application of advanced imaging technology to biology.

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Centre for Trophoblast Research

The ultimate aim of the centre is to alleviate suffering resulting from placentally-related complications of pregnancy that remain a major cause of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality worldwide.

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14 Apr. 2014

Green matters: information on recycling, the university travel plan, green procurement (considering the impact of what we buy). Read  more>>

Squid control the dynamic iridescence of their skin separately from the way they control their pigmentary colours. Nature 507, 402 (27 March 2014).

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz and Ivan Bedzhov (Gurdon Institute) uncover key stage in embryo implantation Science Codex.

Many congratulations to Azim Surani on the award of a Jawaharlal Nehru Science Fellowship. Read more>>

Dennis Bray has been included in an article recently published: 'The 50 Most Influential Scientist in the World Today.' This article focuses on the most profound discoveries in science by the top 50 most-influential living scientists. These are only a few of the important discoveries of our time that you will learn about by reading this article. Read more>>

The Society for Reproduction and Fertility have awarded Martin Johnson the Marshall Medal for 2014. This is the Society s highest honour and is awarded for outstanding contribution to the study of fertility and reproduction. Read more>>

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