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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


The 2022-3 course

The course organiser is Prof. Andrew Murray (

Please note that after many years of outstanding service, Howard Davies has now retired. Our new Chief Teaching Technician in PDN is Lorna Roberts (

We will continue to use the Moodle "book" structure introduced last year, however the teaching is performed. All the lecture, practical and histology material is within the "Course Material" section of that site. The idea is that all work (lectures, practicals and histology) is presented within these Moodle books, in weekly modules. The students can see how long each exercise should take and should work through each book before the completion date for that module. We recommend that you consider the completion date for each Moodle book module (generally a Wednesday), and supervise on that module after that completion date, at which point the students should have gone through all that material.

Please ask Mel Quy (mq200) to enrol you in our new Moodle site for supervisors, which offers help, advice and training for all supervisors involved in PDN subjects.


General course information

NST 1B Physiology is an advanced animal physiology course for second-year natural scientists. Course information is provided on the course Moodle website. If you cannot access this, it may be that you are not enrolled as a supervisor: please contact Mel Quy ( and ask her to put you on the list and give you access.

Please click here for the 2022-3 course brochure, which gives you more information about what is being planned this year. Please note that we are not intending to run 'office hours' this year, but we do hope to offer a limited program of extension sessions. We are reducing these due to low student take-up in previous years, and the increasing administrative burden on the teaching team.