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NST 1B Physiology

NST 1B Physiology is an advanced animal physiology course for second-year natural scientists. Course information is provided on the course Moodle website. If you cannot see it, it may be that you are not enrolled as a supervisor: please contact Mel Quy ( and ask her to put you on the list and give you access.

The NST IB Physiology website is an open-access course guide, designed to inform 1A students about what we teach in 1B.

The NST 1B Physiology course changed somewhat in 2017-18, but there are no plans for further reorganisation in 2018-19. We will be continuing with our fortnightly "extension sessions", which will be optional for students and not directly assessed in the exam. Every two weeks, on a Thursday lunchtime, we will hold activities such as seminars to discuss how to address particular essay titles, guest lectures from external lecturers, trips to research laboratories or question-and-answer sessions relating to careers in physiological research or postgraduate medicine. In the weeks in-between, we will again hold "office hours", whereby a designated lecturer on the course will be waiting in his/her office for any students to come and ask questions, which could be about any aspect of the course. We hope that the introduction of these extension sessions and office hours will prove popular and will increase the number of students taking 1B Physiology. These extension sessions are being organised by Dr. Matt Mason (, so if you have any suggestions or comments, please contact him.

Please have a look at the supervising physiology in Cambridge page, which contains some general tips for new supervisors teaching this course.