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NST Part II Joint course in Physiology and Psychology

Course not running from Oct 2016.

Course organiser: Professor Angela Roberts (


In this course, organised jointly by the Departments of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience and Psychology, you study a combination of those topics offered in the Part II courses of both Departments that deal with sensory and motor processing and the higher functions of the brain, from a psychological as well as a neurophysiological perspective. You also have the opportunity to attend some of the practical classes offered in PDN in the Michaelmas Term; of particular interest will be those on intracellular recording.

This course offers:

  • A combination of the Central Sensory and Motor modules in Physiology, and topics in Psychology that can include Vision, Hearing, Brain Mechanisms of Motivation and Learning, or Brain Mechanisms of Memory, Cognition and Action.
  • Opportunities for hands-on experience of advanced experimental techniques in selected Physiology practical classes.
  • A one term project chosen from those on offer in either Department.
  • You sit two papers covering the modules from Part II Physiology, Development & Neuroscience, and two from the Psychology exam, with special sections designated for Joint Course candidates.
  • A challenging course straddling the two ways of looking at the brain: top-down and bottom-up; Joint Course candidates have a record of exceptionally good Tripos performance.

Part II Handbook moodle-logo.png

Part II Handbook