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Practical timetable

The practicals take place in the Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience. Practicals usually run from 2-4 pm, but some will extend until 5 pm: check with Mrs. Shelley before you arrange something that might conflict! They are held on either Tuesdays or Thursdays, depending upon which group you are allocated to (A or B).

See the Lecture listings online for details of dates, times and the academics responsible.

Michaelmas Term

Practical Classroom Week
Introduction to microscopy and histological techniques Histology 1
Histology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems Histology 2
The heartbeat: initiation and propagation Experimental Lab 3
Measurement of human cardiac output Experimental Lab 6
Histology of the renal system Histology 7

Lent Term

Practical Classroom Week
Exercise and training, part 1 Experimental Lab 1
Ethics seminar Lecture Theatre 1 2
Reproduction: the male Histology 2/3
Reproduction: the female Histology 3/4
Reproduction: the mother & fetus Histology 4/5
Exercise and training, part 2 Experimental Lab 5/6
Gut smooth muscle experiment Experimental Lab 6/7
Gut histology Histology 7/8

Easter Term

Practical Classroom Week
Metabolic changes following a meal Experimental Lab 1
Exam information & revision exercises Histology 3
Optional revision session Experimental Lab 4