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Lecture timetable

All lectures take place in the Physiology Lecture Theatre 1 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 AM. Some lecturers like to start at 9 on the dot, so please make sure that you are not late!

Michaelmas Term

Dr James Fraser Introduction; the Mammalian Cardiovascular System Five lectures
Dr James Fraser Clinical Cardiovascular Physiology One lecture
Dr Mike Mason Respiration Six lectures
Dr Matt Mason Endocrinology Three lectures
Dr Stewart Sage Human Renal Physiology Five lectures
Dr Milka Sarris Physiology of Blood and Lymph One lecture
Dr Stewart Sage Physiology of pH Regulation Two lectures
Prof. Jenny Morton Animal Models in Physiology One lecture

Lent Term

Prof. Bill Colledge Reproduction Six lectures
Dr Erica Watson Early Pregnancy Two lectures
Dr David Bainbridge Placental Function One lecture
Dr Wendi Bacon Pregnancy and the Fetus Four lectures
Dr David Bainbridge Lactation One lecture
Dr Emily Camm The Neonate One lecture
Dr Matt Mason Digestion & Absorption Seven lectures
Dr Matt Mason Weight Regulation & Nutrition Two lectures

Easter Term

Dr Christof Schwiening Exercise and Training Three lectures
Dr Andrew Murray Detraining One lecture
Dr Andrew Murray Man in the Mountains Two lectures
Dr Matt Mason Man and other Vertebrates in Arctic & Desert Four lectures
Dr Mike Mason Man in Space One lecture