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Libraries and resources

The primary provision of the commonly-used part IB textbooks is by College libraries. College Librarians are provided with lists of recommended books for the course, and in conjunction with Directors of Studies will ensure, often by providing multiple copies, that there is an adequate provision of them, as well as responding to suggestions from users for the purchase of other books.

The Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience (PDN) also has a departmental library which welcomes studious part IB students to at least some areas! Borrowing of books is not allowed, and eating, drinking and talking is always forbidden. Please consult the librarian directly for full details (see below).

LibraryPDN Library

Department of Physiology, Development & Neuroscience, Downing Site.
Tel: (3)33821.
Librarian: Roberto Inchingolo.
Full Term opening: Mon-Fri 0845-1700.

Holdings of all University libraries can be searched using the Newton Catalogue.

Electronic resources

If you are a current student, please follow this link to our CamTools page, where you will find most of our teaching resources (lecture handouts, practical debrief sheets and so on). You need a Raven password to access the CamTools resources.

Here are some additional useful links: