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PDN Foster Talks seminar series

The PDN Foster talks is a seminar series that involves high profile internal and external speakers, who are experts in fields relevant to research interests in the Department.

We welcome people from the wider scientific community of Cambridge University as well as from within the Department to join us for these seminars. The talks are aimed for a broad audience, from all career stages, undergraduates to PIs.

This seminar series also provides an invaluable opportunity for staff and students to discuss with the guest speaker both before and after the talk, and often helps to foster collaborations.

All talks will take place in the Hodgkin Huxley seminar room, Physiology Building, at 4:00 pm.

Calendar (provisory)


Date Speaker Hosted by

Professor Bill Harris, PDN, Cambridge
BSDB Waddington Medal winner 2017

Promises of a polychrome retina redux: partial fulfilment with spectrum of fates

November 2017

Professor Richard Benton, EPFL Lausanne Switzerland
EMBO Gold Medal winner 2016

Evolution of olfactory receptors, circuits and behaviours

Clare Baker
November 2017

Professor Wolfram Schultz, PDN, Cambridge
Brain Prize winner, 2017

How my brain is getting me the best reward

December 2017

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, PDN, Cambridge
Science magazine's "Breakthrough of the Year’ 2016


Dr Rachel Tribe, King's College London
Physiological Society GL Brown Prize Lecture 2016-17
Reader in Women's Health, Kings's College London

How to expect the unexpected. Prediction and prevention of preterm birth

February 2018

Professor Liz Robertson, William Dunn Institute, Oxford

Sarah Bray

February 2018

Dr Christoph Ballestrem, Welcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research, University of Manchester

Kristain Franze

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, Frances Crick Institute, London


Professor Ifat Levy, Associate Professor of Comparative Medicine and of Neuroscience, Yale University, USA

Wolfram Schultz

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Nov 08, 2017

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