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Course organisation and finances

Financial arrangements

Except in exceptional circumstances, the provision of services and facilities for external courses by the Human Anatomy Teaching Group is dependent on receipt by the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge, of a valid Purchase Order number.  

In rare cases, for example, if you are an individual who is not trading as a company or part of an organisation with the facility to raise Purchase Orders, we will consider instead taking full payment in advance.  In these instances, we will raise an invoice for the amount estimated, for payment 7 working days in advance of the scheduled course date.  The provision is at your own risk (for example, if fewer delegates attend than were anticipated).

Please read the University’s Terms and Conditions that apply to the sale of services at:


Course organisation form

As part of the process of setting up the course, we as ask course organisers to complete, sign and return a course organisation form.  You may wish to view a sample form here.


[More details on the facilities available to follow soon...]