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Life Sciences Masterclasses

The aim of this series, launched by PDN postdocs, is to provide a forum for expert reviews and discussion on 'hot topics' and current techniques in Biology. The series is now organised by Postdocs in Biology throughout Cambridge and open to all researchers from the Departments of Biological Sciences. Unless stated otherwise, the series will be hosted in the Postdoc Centre, 16 Mill Lane. Talks will occasionally take place at the Postdoc Centre, Biomedical campus.

Free beer and pizza is provided for all talks!

Upcoming talks can be found on our  Talks@cam list. You can also follow us on the Masterclasses Facebook page and twitter @CamPdOCMasClass

Talks (2018/2019)


Venue Date Speakers Title

Links to Talks

Mill Lane October 3th Dr. Andrea Dimitracopoulos (PDN) AI-driven Automated Image Analysis of Biological Data

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Mill Lane October 17th Dr. Avasthi (Hemenway Life Sciences Innovation Center at the University of Kansas), Dr Brown and Dr. Palfy (preLights) The role of early-career researchers in changing the culture of scholarly communication


Mill Lane October 31st Dr. Luca Pellegrinet & Dr. Jessica Hitchcock In vivo Analysis of Gene Regulatory Network in Physiological and Pathological Conditions


Biomedical campus November 14th   Dr Nicole Wheeler and Dr Joshua Kaggie  New, Intelligent Systems for Disease Surveillance and Diagnosis


Biomedical campus November 28th Dr Ryan Brady (Cavendish) and Dr Alexander Ohmann (Cavendish) Building with DNA:   From DNA Crystals to Designer Proteins and Enzymes


Biomedical campus January 23rd

Dr. Marta Shahbazi (PDN) and Dr. Naoko Irie (Gurdon)

The Journey of Human Early Development: from Gametes to Embryos and the Germline Specification


Mill Lane February 20th

Dr. Paul B Rimmer (Cavendish, LMB) and Dr Claudia Bonfio (LMB)

From Stars to Life


Biomedical campus March 6th

Dr. Luca Crepaldi (Sanger)
Dr. Felicity Allen (Sanger)

Creating predictable gene knock-outs at
scale with CRISPR/Cas9


Biomedical campus March 20th

Dr Lia Chappell (Sanger) & Mr Ricard Argelaguet (EMBL-EBI)

Single Cell Multiomics Technologies and Applications


Mill Lane April 10th

Dr. Peter Baillie-Johnson (SCI), Dr Naomi Moris (Genetics) and Dr David Turner (Genetics)

A 3D cell model for developmental biology: Using gastruloids to study early developmental events


Biomedical campus 8th May

Dr. Kelsey J.R.P. Byers (Zoology)
Dr. Erika Pinheiro de Castro (Zoology)

Making sense of the world of scents

Biomedical campus 22nd May

Dr. Roberta Azzarelli (MRC)
Dr. Laura Pellegrini (LMB)

3D Organoid Cultures to Study Tissue
Development and Diseases

Mill Lane June 19th

Dr. Clara Novo (Babraham)
Dr. Rodrigo Grandy (SCI)

Chromatin and Cell Cycle in Cell Fate Decision



Organising Committee (2018/2019):




Zhijun Meng



Sarah Stewart

Institute of Metabolic Science


Michelle Ware



Chun Meng

Dept. of Psychiatry


Justyna Rak

Haematology Dept/Stem Cell Institute


Pedro Madrigal

 Haematology Dept/Stem Cell Institute


Vikram Ayinampudi

Institute of Metabolic Science


Jonathan Tay Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences Logistics

Leonor Miller-Fleming

MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


Linda Julian



Megan Oliva

Dept. of Genetics


Jo Lewis

Metabolic Research Laboratories