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Postdoc Masterclasses

The aim of this series, launched by PDN postdocs, is to provide a forum for expert reviews and discussion on 'hot topics' and current techniques in Biology. The series is now organised by Postdocs in Biology throughout Cambridge and open to all researchers from the Departments of Biological Sciences. Unless stated otherwise, the series will be hosted in the Postdoc Centre, 16 Mill Lane. Talks will occasionally take place at the Postdoc Centre, Biomedical campus.

Free beer and pizza is provided for all talks!

Upcoming talks can be found on our  Talks@cam list. You can also follow us on the Masterclasses Facebook page and twitter @CamPdOCMasClass

Workshops (2017/2018)

To be confirmed.

Talks (2017/2018)


Venue Date Speakers Title (with links to abstracts)

Links to Talks

Mill Lane October 4th Srinjan Basu and Aleks Ponjavic Developing ways to image single proteins in living cells


Mill Lane October 18th
Jenny Grant Rankin and Stephen Goldfarb How to Share Research Data + Virtual Tour of the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
Biomedical campus November 1st
Tessa Sinnige and Karen Stroobants Protein misfolding and aggregation, from test tube to disease
Biomedical campus November 15th
Sasha Berdichevski and Dan Bax Biomaterials for tissue engineering
Biomedical campus November 29th
Julieta Galante and Lori Turner Immunophenotyping results from the mindfulness study
Mill Lane December 6th (lunch time seminar)
Dr. Paula Frampton (CATS) and Dr. Vibhuti Patel (Bioscience Impact Team)

Translation, Partnership and Impact

Biomedical campus January 24th Jacek Mokrosinski and Andrei Smid

Using NanoBiT® Technology to Study Protein-Protein Interactions in Living Cells

Mill Lane February 7th Justyna Rak and Reema Khorshed

Intravital Imaging – Applications and Image Analysis

Mill Lane February 21st

Samuel Furse and

Zhongzhao Teng

Magnetic Resonance on Two Scales for Research into Cell Cycle and Stroke

Biomedical campus March 7th

Erika Dona and

Danielle Mersch

Dive into the lives of Flies and Ants

Biomedical campus March 21st

Fernanda Schreiber and
Maria Duque

Miniguts: A System to Understand Intestinal Pathologies

Mill Lane April 11th

Julija Krupic and Bianca Jupp

Modelling Complex Behaviours in Rodents

Mill Lane April 25th

Anna-Maria Pappa and C. Pitsalidis

Organic Bio-Electronic systems: from tissue engineering to drug discovery

Biomedical campus May 9th

Rezvan Farahibozorg and Sarah Morgan

Network analysis of large-scale human neuroimaging data

Biomedical campus May 23rd

Kousik Kundu and Tom McKerrel

Targeted sequencing for in-depth characterisation of the disease phenotypes

Mill Lane June 6th

Thomas Moreau and Daniel Ortmann

Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Journey to the Clinic



Mill Lane June 20th

Ulla Sovio and Sarah Jackson

Using Human Studies in Health Research




Organising Committee (2017/2018):




Laura Towns

Dept. of Pathology


Sarah Stewart

Institute of Metabolic Science


Michelle Ware



Chun Meng

Dept. of Psychiatry


Sasha Berdichevski

Dept. of Engineering


Justyna Rak

Haematology Dept/Stem Cell Institute


Vikram Ayinampudi

Institute of Metabolic Science


Leonor Miller-Fleming

MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


Linda Julian



Megan Oliva

Dept. of Genetics


Svetlana Saveljeva

Dept. of Medicine