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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


Research team

  • Julia Becker (PhD student)
  • Andrea Dimitracopoulos (postdoc)
  • Ryan Greenhalgh (PhD student)
  • Maximilian Jakobs (postdoc)
  • Eva Kreysing (postdoc)
  • Ross McGinn (PhD student)
  • Rachel McKeown (PhD student)
  • Katrin Mooslehner (molecular biology expert)
  • Sudipta Mukherjee (PhD student)
  • Eva Pillai (postdoc)
  • Jana Sipkova (PhD student)
  • Vanesa Sokleva (PhD student, co-supervisor)
  • Omer Wagner (postdoc)
  • Liz Williams (lab manager)
  • Alex Winkel (AFM expert)

Franze lab 6

Franze lab

Franze lab

Franze lab 3

Franze lab 4

Franze lab 5


Previous lab members

  • Damiano Giuseppe Barone (PhD student, shared with James Fawcett)
  • Francesco Barone (Master's student, now PhD student in Liverpool)
  • Lars Bollmann (Master's student, winner of the First Prize of the TU Graz (Austria) for a Masters project with particular social relevance, now PhD student at IST Austria)
  • Alejandro Carnicer (PhD student, co-supervisor with James Fawcett; now postdoc with George Malliaras at Engineering)
  • Ivan Dimov (PhD student, now postdoc with George Malliaras at Engineering)
  • Sarah Foster (PhD student, now postdoc at University of Tübingen, Germany)
  • Hélène Gautier (postdoc)
  • Kathrin Holtzmann (PhD student, Physics/VetSchool)
  • David Koser (PhD student, winner of a dissertation award of the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne for the best thesis in 2016; now Postdoc at the German Cancer Research Center, University of Heidelberg)
  • Emad Moeendarbary (postdoc, now Lecturer at UCL)
  • Rasha Rezk (postdoc, now postdoc with Dave Kent at University of York)
  • Sara Rolle (Masters student, now PhD student in Cambridge)
  • Rajesh Shahapure (postdoc)
  • Graham Sheridan (postdoc, now Senior Lecturer at University of Brighton)
  • Joy Thompson (PhD student, now happy patent lawyer)
  • Elke Ulbricht (postdoc, now at University of Dresden)
  • Isabell Weber (postdoc)