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Seminar Series “Neurons, Brains & Behaviour"

This series will explore the function of the nervous system in relation to behaviour. It will be an opportunity to listen to the latest developments and to meet other scientists. Informal discussions, drinks and food will follow the presentations.

There will be monthly sessions, starting in March 2016. Symposium seminars will take place on Friday afternoons, starting at 4PM with two talks per event (30-35min. each plus time for discussion), for the most part one by an internationally renowned scientist from outside Cambridge and the other by a local speaker. Confirmed speakers are shown below.

4-5:30pm in Hodgkin Huxley Seminar Room, Physiology Building, Downing Site, University of Cambridge

Event schedule

18th March

Anne von Philipsborn

Multifunctional wing motor control in Drosophila

Wenchang Li

Neural mechanisms underlying motor programme switching

22nd April

Almut Kelber

Color vision in dim light

Beverley Glover

Flower signalling and pollinator behaviour

13th May

Bernd Ronacher

Processing of temporal patterns in the auditory system of grasshoppers

Guillaume Hennequin

Transient cortical dynamics: the role of excitation/inhibition balance

17th June

Lars Chittka

Are bigger brains better?

Emiliano Merlo

Destiny of retrieved associative memories in vertebrates and invertebrates

7th October

Trevor Wardill

Role of motion, colour and pattern discrimination during visually guided
invertebrate behaviours

Caroline Fabre

Substrate-borne communication in courting Drosophila

4th November

Yossi Yovel

From sensory perception to foraging decision making, the bat's point of view

Susana Lima

Neural mechanism underlying state dependent modulation of sexual behavior

13th January Jenny Read Paloma Gonzalez Bellido

We look forward to seeing you during this exciting new seminar series.

The organising committee

Jimena Berni
Caroline Fabre
Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido
Berthold Hedwig
Matthias Landgraf
Trevor Wardill

Seminar sponsors

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