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Overseas Basic Travel Risk Assessment for Staff Members

SUBMIT By submitting this form, I indicate that I have read and will abide by the statements above and will carry out additional risk assessment where necessary.
Start date of travel/work away  
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End date  
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Location/locations of activity Enter specific details of the location including name of institution, city, country, AND any accommodation if applicable; with contact phone numbers for both. Weblinks are adequate.
The statements below list the precautions I will take to avoid higher risks. • I will follow the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel Advice. I understand that this risk assessment is suitable only for travel to countries with the same levels of safety as the UK. • I will use a regular mode of travel provided by a reputable company (through the University’s travel agent if possible), allowing adequate travel time to avoid unnecessary risks. • I will not travel if adverse weather, natural disaster, or civil disturbance is indicated. • I have read the University of Cambridge Travel Insurance Policy and am aware of all exclusions (including higher risk leisure activities). • I will use accommodation providers as per University and departmental policy. • My itinerary and contact number have been posted with a departmental contact (e.g. Supervisor or Administrator). • I will follow the safety advice and guidance of the host organisation, and will report any safety concerns to the host organisation and/or to my department’s management. • I will avoid lone working and travelling alone as far as possible. • I understand that further risk assessment is required for higher risk activities e.g. work in communities, laboratory work etc, and will consult the nominated person to obtain approval as per the department procedure for Work and Travel Away.