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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience


The meeting rooms can be booked by members of the Department using a web based calendar. Before making a booking please read the following guidelines. Use of your account indicates acceptance of these guidelines.


To book a room you will need to obtain your own user name and password from The UniOfCam wireless networking is available in some rooms.

  1. Do not use a room without booking it.
  2. Each entry must give the name of a contact individual and the purpose of the booking.
  3. Bookings can only be made more than a month in advance for departmental meetings, teaching and viva voces.
  4. Bookings can be made at the last minute.
  5. You can cancel your own bookings should you no longer require the accommodation.
  6. Bookings can be made for college supervisions scheduled for after 5 pm but will be displaced if the venue is subsequently required for departmental business, even if there is no departmental business scheduled.
  7. Any clashes of a requirement for a room should be referred to the relevant administrator: 
Howie Davies
Ian Williamson
Phil Garrett
PDN reception


Seating and equipment

To help you pick the most appropriate room for your meeting, please consult the following table which lists all equipment available in each meeting room.

 Room Main theatre Bryan Matthews Hodgkin-Huxley Small Meeting Room  Meeting Room 78 Meeting Room 119 Anatomy Lecture Theatre Anatomy Seminar Room
Seating 280 or 350 if the gallery is used. 40 80 12 25 12 316 40
Computer yes yes yes no no no yes no
Meeting Owl booking booking booking booking booking booking booking booking
CD yes yes yes yes no no   no
Video Tape yes no no no no no   no
Data Projector yes yes yes available from rm 81 available from rm 81 available from rm 81 yes yes
Microphone yes no yes no no no yes yes
Sound yes yes yes no no no yes yes
OHP yes yes yes no no no yes no
Slide projector yes yes yes no no no no no
Whiteboard no yes yes no no no no portable
Chalkboard yes no no no no no no no
Flip chart         yes no no no


Quick start guide

Logging in

Before you can view events you must log in. If you need to access credentials please send an e-mail request to

Adding Events

It's easy to add an event to a calendar. Click on the Add/Edit link below the calendar, or click on the day you want to add the event to. This brings up the Event Edit screen for that day.

Any events which already exist for that day are displayed, as well as a form you can fill out to create a new event. HTML formatting is allowed in event and popup text, so you can change text fonts, sizes, and colour. You can specify Event Text using the following fields. 

  • The date of the event (if you clicked on a day, this defaults to that date)
  • Popup text to be associated with the event
  • Start Time and End Time
  • Foreground and Background colours (read how to specify colours)

Repeating Events

You can also specify that an event repeats. An event can repeat on every day, or every week, or every other week, or every third Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, etc. An event can also repeat in the "the third Thursday of every month" fashion. You can select the end date for the event, or let it repeat forever.

After creating a Repeating Event, you can edit or delete single instances of the series, or you can edit or delete all the events in the series at once.

Note: you have probably noticed there are multiple Create Event buttons on the screen (or Replace Event buttons, if you're editing an existing event.) They all serve the same function and are there simply to make it easier to submit your event without having to scroll around.

Editing, Copying, and Deleting Events

To Edit an event, select the Edit button that appears next to the event in question at the top of the screen for that day. Similarly, to Delete an event, select the appropriate Delete button. For repeating events, you can choose whether to edit or delete all instances of the event, or only the instance that occurs on the day you're looking at.

If you're Editing an event, you'll be presented with the same Event Edit Form used to create a new event. The fields will contain information for the event to be edited, and you can change any or all of them. When you're ready to save your changes, press the Replace Event button.

To Copy an existing event, press the Edit button, and then press the Copy Event button instead of the Replace Event button. Note that you can make changes before copying, effectively editing and copying an event in one step.

Please e-mail  if you need help with any of the above.