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PDN software policy

The Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience is compliant with the University Software Policy.

Members of the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience should be aware that under UK Copyright Law, the illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages without financial limit and to criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment. This is no empty threat: the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) carries out raids from time to time, and if unlicensed software is discovered the penalties can be severe.

We hope that the following rules will impose the minimum possible burden on everyone. However, we need to ensure that all software is adequately licensed and documented.

  • Individual members of the Department should seek advice to ensure that all software on computers that they use is properly licensed. If there is any doubt, the Group Leader or their Computer Representative should be able to confirm whether or not a licence exists for any particular item of software.
  • For each Research Group, the Group Leader is responsible for ensuring that all licences are valid and that the terms of each licence are being observed.
  • Group Leaders may delegate software licence management to a Computer Representative. Group Leaders, or their Computer Representative, must be able to produce, with reasonable notice, a list of all proprietary software used in the group, with details of licences.
  • All software licensing documentation belonging to a research group should be kept together and be available for inspection. Computing Service Sales supply a licence certificate for any software purchased through them.
  • The Computer Officers may carry out spot checks on any computer, at short notice, to ensure that no unlicensed software is installed.
  • Personal notebook computers used within the department must comply with these rules. All software on such machines must be properly licensed.
  • If unlicensed software is found on any computer in the Department, disciplinary action will usually be taken including disconnection of the computer from the Departmental network until the offending software is removed.

If you would like advice on software needs/licensing matters, please e-mail IT Support.

All users of University computers must comply with the conditions under which they are permitted access to the computers. Where the access conditions prohibit installation of privately obtained software, this condition must be strictly adhered to.