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PDN IP application form

You should be aware that your application for a connection to the PDN Departmental Ethernet is subject to rules and guidelines contained in the following documents .

The operation of the Internet relies on the cooperation of the various network managers involved and a general willingness by all to maintain good order. If this good order is not maintained, it can give rise to severe disruption of network services requiring much unwelcome work by network managers both local and remote. Please read Conditions of issue of IP addresses and Computing Service Policies and Guidelines before applying an IP. It is important that you understand Security implications of attaching a computer to the network. To apply for an IP, please fill the form below.

For non-pdn machine, please tell us your leaving date
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* To find your MAC address in MacOS X: From the dock choose System Preferences. Click Network and then choose Ethernet. Set 'Show:' to 'Built-in Ethernet' . Look where it says 'Ethernet ID' (which is another way of saying MAC address). Discovering you mac address from a Windows PC: start button > run > cmd (for a command prompt) > getmac (or you may have to use ipconfig /all) .