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PDN internet access policy

As announced previously, the Department is now charged for use of the internet. These charges are currently being absorbed in the departmental budget. The Head of Department, in consultation with the Management Committee, has decided that large single items of this sort will be charged back to individual users and not be borne by the department. The Head of Department has complete discretion in deciding when user charges should be levied.

Computer users should be aware that network-traffic information relating to individual IP address information may be passed to institutional officers on request for purposes such as managing inappropriate use of the network. This information may include date and time of day, identification of the remote host, and the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic which may be broken down by protocol.

Responsible Use

The computing facilities provided by the Department are for our teaching, research and administrative activities. Limited responsible access to recreational sites is currently acceptable, but the department will keep this policy under review. For guidelines on acceptable use, see Rules made by the University Information Strategy and Services Syndicate.

Unacceptable Use is clearly outlined in the JANET policy

JANET may not be used for any of the following:

9.1. the creation or transmission (other than for properly supervised and lawful research purposes) of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material;

9.2. the creation or transmission of material which is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety;

9.3. the creation or transmission of defamatory material;

9.4. the transmission of material such that this infringes the copyright of another person;

9.5. the transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material either to other User Organisations, or to organisations connected to other networks, save where that material is embedded within, or is otherwise part of, a service to which the member of the User Organisation has chosen to subscribe;

9.6. deliberate unauthorised access to facilities or services accessible via JANET;

9.7. deliberate activities with any of the following characteristics:

  • wasting staff effort or networked resources, including time on end systems accessible via JANET and the effort of staff involved in the support of those systems;
  • corrupting or destroying other users' data;
  • violating the privacy of other users;
  • disrupting the work of other users;
  • using JANET in a way that denies service to other users (for example, deliberate or reckless overloading of access links or of switching equipment);
  • continuing to use an item of networking software or hardware after UKERNA has requested that use cease because it is causing disruption to the correct functioning of JANET;
  • other misuse of JANET or networked resources, such as the introduction of "viruses".

10. Where JANET is being used to access another network, any abuse of the acceptable use policy of that network will be regarded as unacceptable use of JANET.

No members of the department use the network to transmit any material that infringes another person's copyright (this applies to the vast majority of digital music and video files). This means: you may not operate a peer-to-peer filesharing protocol on your computer. This includes (among others): KaZaA, Morpheus, BadBlue, hotComm, Inoize, DirectConnect, Direct File Express, Grokster, CuteMX, iMesh, EDonkey 2000, SongSpy, Hotline Connect, Yoink, Napster, Aimster/Madster, BuddyShare, hotComm, Scour, AudioGnome, OpenNap, Swaptor, Gnutella, BearShare, Gnewtellium, Gnotella, Gnucleus, Gnut, Gtk-Gnutella, LimeWare, Mactella, Mutella, NapShare, Phex, Qtella, SwapNut, ToadNode, XoloX.

It is important that all computer users realise that their use of network is monitored and breaching the Rules made by the IT Syndicate can result in being fined and the University being cut off from various resources on the Internet. This would be embarrassing for the University, the Department and most of all for the user.