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WiFi networking

Eduroam/UniOfCam(formerly known as Lapwing), the Computing Service facility for wireless hotspot connections to the Cambridge University Data Network, is available in PDN.

To use the WiFi service, you need to be a current staff member or a student of the University and to provide your Raven password.

If you are a short-term visitor to PDN, we may be able to issue a temporary Ticket to you. Please contact

Users of PDN-issued WiFi tickets have the same facilities on Lapwing as any other user, except that the ticket will normally be usable only for the Lapwing hotspots in PDN. This may be extended to other institutions by negotiation, so that PDN-based conference guests, for example, can be given access both at the conference venue and at a College where they are staying.

Useful information about the Lapwing/Eduroam Service and Aruba RAP-2WG Remote Access Point