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Personal purchasing IT equipment

University preferred suppliers are available via iProcurement and the marketplace - a part of UFS. For example, the remaining suppliers under the IT related parts and accessories (ITRAP) agreement are all on marketplace (Misco, Academia, Softcat and XMA).  If you do not have access to UFS, speak to your departmental administration or finance teams.

With regards to personal purchases, not every agreement has this as an option.  The National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) does.  Staff and students are able to purchase the models available to Institutions at the same price.  Outside of these model ranges, then suppliers may offer their own discounts.

Beware of the supplier's portals however.  These are not necessarily the prices available through the frameworks but their own discounts.  It is always worth checking first.

Point of contact
Tom Twitchett
IT and Audio Visual Category Manager
University of Cambridge
Finance Division
Procurement Services
Tel: 01223 760518
Fax: 01223 765988