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MacVector installation

Licensed MacVector

KeyAccess window screen shot

  • Download MacVector 11.0.4 installer
  • Download K2 client (ie: KeyAccess) if your computer runs Mac OS 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 or 10.5, or download KeyAccess if your computer runs Mac OS 10.4 or 10.3
  • Start MacVector Installer and activate MacVector: with MacVector 10 and beyond a one-time release activation on each client, in addition to the normal KeyServer license server, is needed. This is due to licensing changes that have been made to MacVector 10 that will make it easier to supply new versions. The activation code is based on a license holder's name, a serial number and the activation key. You will be emailed this by IT Support following a new purchase, an upgrade or a maintenance renewal. The actual activation procedure is very simple. To activate a license on a client go to the OPTIONS menu in MacVector and click on ACTIVATE LICENSE... If this is for a trial that has expired, you'll need to select the ACTIVATE LICENSE option in the Trial Expired error dialogue. Then you simply need to enter the license holder, the serial number and the activation code, exactly as they are written:
    License Owner: Dept. of PDN Serial Number: 2110005 Activation Code: CWZ2-FP35T-ERSE KeyServer address:
  • You may check server connection via KeyAccess from System Preferences
  • We have Five (5) core licences of MacVector, which are checked against your computer's IP address - so only five people can use MacVector at a time.
    • KeyAccess window screen shotKeyAccess window screen shot
  • Download MV user guide and other optional updaters from

Older MacVector (ver. 7 & ver. 10)

If you experience difficulties installing MacVector 11, you may try to eliminate the problems by performing the following steps:

  • Log on to OS X as a user with administrative privileges.
  • Download disk image or insert your CD into the machine.
  • Copy the MacVector Installer to your hard drive.
  • Perform the installation as described in the CD booklet.
  • Download MacVector 7.2.3 disk image.
  • Download K2 Key Access client disk image

When running the MacVector installer, specify NETWORK LICENCES. Once MacVector is installed, you must launch the program and enter the following serial number when prompted: 500454

You will need the K2KeyAccess client installed before you can use MacVector in OSX. If you have installed this, there will be a KeyServer Client folder in your applications folder – double-click the KeyAccess Setup icon in there to make sure that you are connecting to "" (without the quotes! this is KeyServer IP address); click the logon button to check your connection.

Finally, run the Updater in the "MacVector 7.2.3 Updater" folder.