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About NDP software

Visit the NDP site (sign in as Guest) or double click on the NDP.view icon on the desktop if you have the program intalled locally. NDP.view software is a dedicated viewer for displaying digital slide files (NDPI, VMS files) & lets you open the scanned digital files so you can navigate around the specimen as well as view the specimen at different magnifications.

Navigate to a digital slide image file in the appropriate Practical Class sub-folder & double click on it. You can navigate around a digital scanned image by using the keys as well as the mouse. The HELP list has all the key functions listed and can be displayed by clicking on the “Toolbar > Icon”, “Tool menu > HELP”, or by simply pressing the “F1” key.

NDP.view Help:

  • Drag the image with the left mouse button to move around.
  • Click the left mouse button to centre that point.
  • Drag an area to view with the right mouse button
  • Zooming in and out of a scan can be done by using mouse’s wheel. Push the mouse wheel forward to zoom into the cursor location, pull back to zoom out.
  • Hold down the mouse wheel or control key and scroll the mouse wheel to focus (if available)

Keyboard Commands: 

  • Spacebar: Show overview image.
  • S: Show/hide current status
  • M: Show/hide maps windows.
  • T: Show/hide toolbar
  • B: Show/hide scalebar
  • F: Enable/disbale sharpen filter
  • Backspace/Alt+left: To go back to the previous screen.
  • Alt+right: To go forward.
  • Arrow keys: Move whole screen in that direction.
  • C: Copy the current image to the clipboard
  • Alt-C: Copy current coordinates to clipboard.
  • I: Show/hide image controls
  • L: Change language.
  • Page Up/Page Down: Focus Up/Down if available
  • R: Rotate image (press and release for 90° steps, hold and move mouse for free rotation)
  • O: Open a new image
  • E: Export the current image to a file
  • Q/Escape: Quit
  • Number keys change lens: 0: Overview, 1= 1.25x, 2: 2.5x, 3: 5x, 4: 10x, 5; 20x, 6: 40x, 7: 63x, 8: 100x.
  • +/-: Change lens up/down

When a new scanned image is opened in the viewer the toolbar is turned on and visible.

You can turn the Toolbar on or off by pressing the “T” key or clicking on the X in the upper right of the toolbar.
The tool menu is displayed by clicking the right mouse button.
The magnification can be changed from 1.25x to 100x with the “Toolbar”
Multiple scanned files can be opened at once in the viewer by simply selecting “Tool menu > Open”. You have the choice to open another scanned image above, below or on either side of the already open scanned image.
The scanned images can be locked together (synchronised) so that when one scanned image is moved or zoomed in, the other opened scanned image will also follow the same commands.
The current displayed image can be exported as a JPEG, BMP or TIFF or copied by “Toolbar > icon” or “Tool menu > Export or Copy” or “E” or “C” keys respectively.