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Visits by collaborators outside the university

This form is not for long-term visitors, but for short one-off visits by collaborators to facilitate research. All collaborator visits must be authorised by the HoDs and the DSO. By submitting this form, you are seeking approval. DO NOT go ahead with the visit until approval by email to the primary PDN contact below has been received.

Ensure the collaborator is sent the Letter to Visitors (download from the Key Occupants Sharepoint files) insert the contact number of the person responsible for the collaborator, save as a pdf and send prior to their visit.

By preference visits should be when occupancy is at its lowest. Early mornings could be ideal.

Co-ordinate with the zone occupants, if possible.


Maintain 2 m social distance.

Ensure the collaborator wears a face covering.

Ensure the collaborator uses hand sanitiser on entering/exiting the buildings.

Point out the nearest handwash basin to the area in which they will be working.

Equipment that the collaborator must make contact with must be cleaned and disinfected by the users prior to arrival. Users are to clean and disinfect again after the visit.

By preference collaborator should not use tearooms/communal areas.

Expected arrival time  
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Expected departure time  
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