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Wolfson-PDN studentship projects October 2020


SupervisorProject title
Srinjan Basu

Project 1:  Role of Mll complexes

Project 2:  Fgf signalling in regulating the dynamics of mouse pluripotent cell differentiation

Thorsten Boroviak

Project 1:  Determining the essential regulators of primate trophoblast invasion to tackle placenta accreta spectrum disorders

Project 2:  How to build a primate: towards a synthetic model for primate embryogenesis

Andrea Brand

Project 1:  Time to wake up: regulation of stem cell quiescence and proliferation

Project 2:  Modelling Brain Tumours in Drosophila

Sarah Bray How are Notch signals decoded by developing tissues?
Clare Buckley

Project 1:  Mechanical properties of neural tube polarisation

Project 2:  Optogenetically untangling cell polarity and cell division during neural tube morphogenesis

Emma Cahill

Control of aversive learning and memory by Noradrenaline and Dopamine interactions

James Fraser

The role of muscle channelopathies and muscle excitability in sudden infant death 

Elisa Galliano

Heterogeneity and plasticity of dopaminergic neurons 

Dino Giussani

Developmental Programming of Heart Disease: Towards Intervention

Allan Herbison Brainstem inputs to the GnRH pulse generator controlling fertility 
Randall Johnson

Role of hypoxic response in immunotherapy 

Building a biologically inspired spatial cognitive map in artificial agents 

Susanna Mierau Development of Functional Connectivity in Cortical Networks
Ole Paulsen

Neuromodulation of neural plasticity: Mechanisms and implications for brain function 

Wolf Reik
Epigenetic regulation of cell fate decisions in mammalian development
Angela Roberts Understanding the contribution of higher-order prefrontal cortex in the regulation of positive and negative emotion
Benedicte Sanson

Project 1: Role of the adhesion molecule Sidekick in adherens junction remodeling during developmental morphogenesis

Project 2: Regulation of cell number during axis extension

Milka Sarris Dynamics of neutrophil inflammatory responses during tissue damage
Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri

Project 1: Role of placental endocrine function in the outcomes of obese pregnancies

Project 2: Role of placental endocrine malfunction in the programming of disease in offspring

Azim Surani

Regulation of the human germline specification and epigenetic re-setting 

Erica Watson

sncRNA as a mechanism of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance

Project 1: Tissue mechanics in body axis symmetry

Project 2: Genetic regulation of tissue mechanics