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BBSRC funded studentship projects

SupervisorProject title

Parallel memory units for memory-based action selection
Thorsten Boroviak
How to build a primate: towards a synthetic model for primate embryogenesis
Andrea Brand Regulation of neural stem cell behaviour by long non-coding RNAs
Andrea Brand Regulation of neural stem cell quiescence and reactivation
Sarah Bray Live imaging of nuclear complexes to decode signalling responses
Clare Buckley
Building and breaking epithelial organs: an optogenetic approach
Kristian Franze The mechanical control of neuronal development and regenation
, Sue Jones Activity-dependent plasticity in early olfactory circuits
Golnar Kolahgar Micro-environmental control of gut renewal
, Ole Paulsen
Bringing touch to virtual reality for studying the hippocampal cognitive map
, Ole Paulsen Total recall with hippocampal engrams
Joo-Heyon Lee Elucidate the mechanisms driving reprogramming in lung regeneration
Ole Paulsen, Tanja Fuchsberger Neuromodulation of hippocampal spike timing-dependant plasticity
Ole Paulsen, Audrey Hay On the origin of theta oscillations in the hippocampus
Ole Paulsen, Susanna Mierau Spontaneous network activity in development and neurodevelopmental disorders
Angela Roberts, Ed Bullmore, Steve Sawiak
Neurodevelopment of emotion and cognition
Benedicte Sanson
Morphogenesis of early embryos: mechanisms underlying collective cell behaviours in vivo
Milka Sarris Protection of nuclear integrity in leukocytes during migration through confined tissue environments
Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri, Alison Forhead Placental endocrine function and materno-fetal resource allocation during pregnancy
Erica Watson Investigating placental nutrient transport in a mouse model of fetal growth restriction
Rob White, Kevin O'Holleran
Super-resolution imaging of chromatin and nuclear organisation
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz Self-organisation and symmetry breaking in the early mouse embryo