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BBSRC funded studentship projects

SupervisorProject title
Clare Baker The development and evolution of vertebrate electroreceptors
Sarah Bray (with Maria Gomez-Lamarca) Investigating the trafficking and activity of the gamma-secretase complex
Sarah Bray (with Maria Gomez-Lamarca) Programming the Notch response: optogenetic strategies to manipulate pathway activity
Cristina Branco, Randall Johnson

Endothelial regulation of organ-specific vascular function

Nick Brown Chaperone modulation of cell-matrix adhesion
Nick Brown Evolution of mechanotransduction machinery
Emily Camm, Abigail Fowden Impact of maternal obesity on cerebral structure and function of offspring
Kristian Franze The mechanical control of neuronal development
Dino Giussani Safer therapy in the treatment of preterm birth
Dino Giussani Sildenafil therapy of early origins of heart disease
Julija Krupic (with Ole Paulsen)
Discovering the functional role of entorhinal grid cells
Christopher Huang The EPAC signalling pathway and its role in cardiomyocyte activation
Andrew Murray Drug induced mitochondrial toxicity in the context of hypoxia
Andrew Murray Nitrogen oxides and the control of fatty acid oxidation in hypoxia
Ole Paulsen Neuromodulation of neural plasticity: mechanisms and implications for brain function
Angela Roberts, Ed Bullmore
The development of brain circuits underlying cognition and emotion
Hugh Robinson Synchronization of irregular-spiking cortical interneurons
Hugh Robinson, Randall Johnson (co-supervisor) NMDA glutamate receptor activation by necrotic cell death in cell survival and invasiveness
Milka Sarris Elucidating how chemokines guide neutrophil migration to sites of infection
Wolfram Schultz Neuronal reward processing, learning and neuroeconomics
Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri, Alison Forhead Placental endocrine function and materno-fetal resource allocation during pregnancy
Simon Tunster, Erica Watson Investigating placental nutrient transport in a mouse model of fetal growth restriction
Trevor Wardill Determining the functional connectivity among colour vision neuronal circuits
Trevor Wardill Importance of colour saliency in Drosophila melanogaster
Rob White How do transcription factors find their targets in the genome?
Rob White, Steven Lee Super-resolution imaging of chromatin and nuclear organisation
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz New regulators of pluripotent stem cell organization in the mouse and human
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz Partnership between embryonic and extra-embryonic Tissues: the role of calcium signalling


Endothelial regulation of organ-specific vascular function


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Jul 25, 2017

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